Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TAG your it

I just finished watching Chris Betcher's video on tagging and folksonomies. We are learning about social booking marking in class.

I found the information helpful in understanding tags and how to use them. This is the first video that I have watched, for class, that was hard for me to watch. The video looks like it is out of focus. The picture is not clear and crisp. I found it hard to concentrate on the information being taught and shared. My mind was distracted by the quality of the production. :(

To me, tags are a way to help the searcher narrow down the field or topic they are searching for.
This is new to me. The Britannica Encyclopedia Set (which was bought from a man going door to door) was my best tool, when I was doing research as a child. Ever since the internet has opened the door wider for research; I have had a horrible time finding things on it. I think that tags will help me become better at finding information
and more productive at it.

Tags make it easier to find and access information on the internet and websites. I can see where this is a valuable resource to anyone, much less teachers. It will take less time to get to the information you are looking for, which is going to save you time. The time saved can be spent doing other things for my class. Tags will help me use technology in my classroom.

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