Monday, February 8, 2010

Luis the tech WIZ

Wow! Yet another amazing young man in the technological world. I have finally made it to week 3's assignments. The only thing wrong with this is I am still a week behind. The Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait for this week is about Luis. Luis is 18 years old and a senior in High School. As always, I am in awe of the technical abilities and skills of the children of today. I think what stuck out the most, after technological awe, was Luis level of commitment. He gets up at 5:30 in the morning to check his e-mail before he starts getting ready to face the day. My alarm starts going off at this time of the morning. However, if I took the time to look at e-mail I would be late for class or work. I would have to get up earlier than that to check mine so it ain't happening any time soon.

Luis gets ready for school and drops off his brother on the way to high school. During school, Luis is involved in 4 advance placement classes and 2 programs having to do with technology. The first program has to do with video production. The second program partners high school students with elementary students. Together the design and create Lego robotics. The high school students are mentors and the help them get ready to enter their creations in competition.

After school, Luis helps in his community and helps his parents interact and use technology like the Internet. He helps his parent pay bills on line and keep track of the family checking account. I remember doing things like this for my grandmother and still do today. I remember teaching her to operate her first cell phone. She had such a hard time remembering the buttons to place calls and end calls. I finally took a marker and colored one green and one red. Stop and go colors made more sense to her.

I love how the subject areas of science, math, media, engineering, and technology are taught with these technological programs. I am not sure how this would fit into the elementary curriculum for a specific grade. However, this has shown me how important it is to continue learning and bringing technology to my future students.


  1. I really enjoyed how personal you made this post by telling the story of your grandmother. This is very well written and descriptive, I wish I wrote as well as you!

  2. Thanks for the comment bhelm. I had an amazing English teacher one year who did not focus so much on the grammatical side of writing. Instead she taught us to write our thoughts down. Just write to write. Once we had put our thoughts into words, we would go back and focus on getting it into proper grammatical form. I think this helped me become the writer I am today.