Monday, February 1, 2010

Student Book Review Bloggers

Part of the assignments, for week 2 of technology for teachers, is to learn and practice constructive commenting with social media. The rest of my class is finishing up week 3 or week 4. I am way behind. I love the things that we are learning but for some reason it takes my husband and my self longer than everyone else to complete the tasks. We had the hardest time finding blogs that were actual students. We found all kind of awesome teacher pages but you were not interacting with the students. Interaction was with the teachers. There are some really neat pages out there.

Constructive commenting is a lot harder to do than I thought it would be. I found it hard to do. This is an area that I need improvment in. We were asked to comment on 2 of our t4t peers postings. I think peer posting was actually harder, for me, than the students.

We were also asked to find 2 student blogs to post constructive commentings on. I chose 2 student from the scififiction catagory. If you get a chance you might check out this webpage it is cool. It is student books being reviewed by students. They also have a audio book review.

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