Sunday, February 14, 2010

Student blogs for Week 3

For this weeks student blogs I chose a classroom web page that I can into contact with through my twitter page Naysangels. This is a Mrs. Kolbert's Class Blog and it is where I did the first student comment. I choose a student website titled Birds of the World. His whole page is dedicated to different species and types of birds. I read the post that talked about the Great Horned Owl. I found one fact very interesting. I thought all birds built their own nest but this is not true. You will have to read his post yourself to find out what the do instead.

For my second student comment I chose a classroom in New Zealand. I learned about this classroom through one of the previous videos we watched for this class. I was amazed by the video and had to check out her classroom blog. I chose to read a story written by a group of students called the Parrot and the Dog. I thought it was a cute story and loved the names for the parrot and dog. You will have to check out the story for yourself.

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