Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stopping Violence in the Education System

One of my assignments for week 3 was to go to 21st Century Global Leadership website. If you have not been you should check it out. These are some amazing student presentation on hard topics. I am passionate about stopping violence in our world, so naturally I choose the presentation what are we doing to stop violence.

I thought the student did a great job presenting their viewpoint. I have never seen any of the footage from Columbine prior to this. There was a link in the presentation to a YouTube
video. As I watched this video, I was remember the television coverage during this incident and thinking about the different responses from the students involved. The one thing that stuck in my mind, was how many students commented that they wished they had felt confident enough to speak up prior to this incident.

The students had seen the signs but had been to scared to approach any of the adults for help. This made me wonder if we have let our children down some how, as a society and in the education field, that they did not feel confident and safe enough to speak up. I question if we should not be doing more to help our students develop their self-esteem. I also question if there is something more we should be doing to help our students have the confidence in us to feel safe enough to talk to us, as educators and role models, about the hard times and tough things they are dealing with. For many people life is not easy, happy, or the best environment it could be and this is growing to included more and more of our students and their families every day. As teachers, we may be the only ray of hope our students have in their lives.

Unfortunately, the reality is we will never know for sure whether this could have been helped or prevented. At the same time, this and other tragedies like it, have opened our eyes to several areas that we should reevaluate and make the necessary changes as they are needed. However, this is just my opinion and I am very passionate about ending domestic and non-domestic violence.

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