Monday, March 8, 2010

Wiki's are for more than just research

I was asked to watch a video from the K12 Online Conference 2009. This video has to do with the use of Wiki's and how to use them for collaborative learning. I was amazed at how many uses Wiki's have besides for research. I had no idea it has so many great uses. I learned a lot and had a whole new world of wiki opened up for me. The video is Parallel Play or Collaboration-Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work. I thought that it was a great idea for the presenter, Paula White, to also set up and include a Wiki with the information for the video also.
I am glad she did because it gives me a reference point as I learn and use Wiki's.

The other information I took away was that students, of any age, have to want to be connected and engage with others. We are more likely to accomplish this if we are passionate about or interested in something. This can be motivation for work outside and inside the classroom. Paula talks about getting students to do task that she would not normally have been able to and sometimes the students take the initiative to do the task ahead of time.

I can remember when the phone was the only way to interact and work together. I had no idea that collaboration could take place (on such a global level) through the use of a Wiki. Wiki's also allow collaboration to happen 24 hours a day. Wiki's can be used when it is the most convenient for the user.

I feel that Wiki's are a valuable to for educators. I would like to use them when I am teaching. I am already thinking of ways that a wiki would work for the parents of my students. I would also provide an avenue for interacting with each other and other parents who have students in my class. The possibilities for Wiki's are endless.

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  1. I agree with you in many ways! I didn't know anything about these things until this semester. When they're used right it seems to really motivate and engage the kids. So awesome!!!