Saturday, March 6, 2010

We're off to see the wizard

As part of our homework assignment, for week 6, were were asked to watch a video at K12. I watched the Wizard of Apps. I thought parts of this were really cute. Although, I thought all of the information provided was good. I loved the wizard of apps play that was mixed in with the information sections. I was blown away by how well they had changed the words, from the original songs, to match the their subject matter. It was cool. These students did a great job.

The main theme seemed to be digital citizenship. There is information shared on how to leave a good digital footprints and what types of technology is available to help us achieve this. There are several websites that are shared to help teachers help their students learn about digital citizenship and incorporate it into their learning experience. Information is provided to help all users to be safe users of technology and respect all copyright laws.

As a future teacher, it is import to me that I know how to protect myself and my students, when it comes to using the Internet and technology in my classroom. The more I learn, in my technology 4 teachers class, the more I keep having the same question. Is there any way to make sure our students are 100% safe when incorporating technology into lessons and my classroom. The last thing I want to happen, or find out about is that one of my students got hurt and there was a connection to the technology used in my classroom. This video gave great websites for this and I have added some of them to my Diigo account for future referencing.

While watching the video, I noticed that I had a hard time reading some of the information that was on the screen from the Internet. I was a little disappointed in that because I wanted to read some of the information shared. When I finished watching the video , I noticed that there was also a link for a slide show of the Wizard of Apps. I went to check it out and was glad that I did. I could read all the information that was hard to read from the video.

Part of this assignment is to go to one of the websites that Joyce mentions in the video. I decided to go to one of them that I had wrote down to add to my Diigo account. In the video, it talks about a website that you can go to to check on the digital footprint an individual leaves. It is a people search website. I found this intriguing and decided to check myself out. I did not figure that I would find any digital footprints. Surprise, I found my blog listed in two different places. I thought it was kind of strange that it was one of my post and not my actual blog location. It brings a new perspective when you see your actual digital footprint.

Digital Citizenship is a topic that is going to continue to grow as we continue to grow in technology. I feel that as teachers we should be educated on this subject. We are going to have to use and teach our students about digital technology if we are going to incorporate it into our classrooms.

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  1. Yes, digital safety is very important. I think there will always be risk for students when it comes to technology, but that is no reason for us to try to keep them away from it. Sort of like, don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Everything they will learn from using technology is worth the risk that they may run across something unsafe. But it is very important that we do the best we can to protect and educate them to be safe!