Sunday, January 24, 2010

When students become the teacher

I watched a video for a homework assignment that I would like to share because it made me stop and think about what we (as teachers and future teachers) can learn from our students. I watched Digital Generations Project Youth Portrait: Cameron.

This video reminded me, that teachers and adults in general, have a wonderful asset when it comes to surviving and learning the new technology of the world we live in. Our children are extremely adapt at understanding the technological world. Society tends to forget that our children usually have a better grasp of technology than we do. Cameron's video is a great example of just how adapt they have become and are becoming. It was mind boggling what he is able to do. I was just in awe of his skills. I could not believe all the things he is capable doing while I am still in the Technology for Dummies or Pre-Technology 101 levels. Cameron was able to help some of the teachers at his school have a better understanding of the technology available today that can be integrated into the classroom. I found this part very interesting also.

I loved how Cameron showed his teacher how she could use videos to demonstrate multiplication concepts. Students and teacher learning about and using technology together was appealing to me. I feel that it is important for our students to understand that yes , we are professional but that we are also human. Teachers make mistake just like everyone else and we do not know everything. There are still several things that we can still learn from our students.

I would have loved to have the technologies available today when I was going to school. I would have never wanted to go home. Sometimes I think it would be neat to be in grade school at this time in our history. When I was in grade school, the most advance piece of technology in our classroom was a very old overhead projector. There was not even on computer in the entire building. And no I am not extremely old either!

I will incorporate technology into my classroom on a daily basis. I love the idea of using technology for students homework and/or projects. I also noticed Cameron's body language during this video and liked what I saw. Cameron was very comfortable in front of the camera and the audience. He was confident and had a high level of self-esteem. This is an example of the type of environment I hope to create. Students love to help no matter what. When the situation is helping their teacher learn some new form of technology ,it is even better for them. Their eyes just light up and their self-confidence grows stronger. It is just so cool, to them, to know that they taught their teacher something for a change.


  1. I agree that Cameron's example is amazing. I think that is why the EduTopia folks and directors of this film series chose his to be first. I agree it might have been nice to have these tools at our fingertips when we were younger, but in some ways I'm glad to be getting them now... who knows what I would have written or posted as a teen that might haunt me today!

    Great job reflecting on the ideas of this video and applying them to your own life and teaching practice. Well done.

  2. Good job on this one, I could not agree more with hoe valuable of an asset technology is becoming for both students and teachers. I also only had the overhead projector(with the bulb that always burnt out lol)when I was in my my, those were the days. Great post, and good luck in class!

  3. I agree, this kid puts us to shame! I am a junior in college, so I was in the classroom as a student not to long ago. But, so much has changed technology wise, that it seems it has been forever since elementary! I remember being amazed when I saw the smart board for the first time. I was in my frechman year at UCO. Now my old high school has one in every classroom! I makes me wish I could go back to high school and redue may education with all the new technology now available in schools. ALMOST!! Good job!!

  4. Great blog! I think technology is a great thing in theclassroom and it obviously is way more different now than back when we were all students! Dusty overheads were as good as it gets

  5. I wonder if I would have as much trouble and difficulty operating the overhead projectors as I have with learning new technology. LOL! However, I like learning about this once I get it.

  6. I was also in awe of Cameron's abilities. I completely agree that there will ALWAYS be things we can learn from our students- I hope to never forget that.